Add A Text Coupon System to your Business.

Bring new customers to your business using text key words.
Utilize the system to get new customers and generate more revenue.

The "AtxtCoupon" system will provide you with a direct connection to your customers. Allowing your customers to purchase offers from your place of business.

"AtxtCoupon" A "TURN KEY" program with top notch technology and no up front costs. Customers can select coupons by texting a key word to a toll free number. You will have control of all offers on "YOUR ON-LINE MALL" The "AtxtCoupon" program will increase new customer aquisition and revenue.

How to Get Started

  • Request more Information with form at bottom of page.
  • Text greek to 1-866-500-2607 from your cell phone
    to get familiar with the operation of the system.
  • See how easy it is to sign up as a new customer .
  • Register once, and after that entering any Local Blasts offering is a one text process.
  • Only sponsors get players contact information and they must agree to our data use policies, which prohibit spam.

There is no charge for development and implementation of the system – links to and from your existing web site. 

The system creates and displays “Non-Purchase” offers -  Non-Purchase offers are regular % off coupons – allowing your sales/marketing staff to offer coupons to your customer's without adding clutter to your regular site.

Technical Overview

Utilizes HTML5 Technology

"AtxtCoupon" system functions as a stand alone module designed to provide the presentation, selection and maintenance of coupons offered by your company. The physical site is hosted and provisioned on Cloud servers totally dedicated to your operation. You are in control of the coupon pages on the site.

The site functions as a shopping cart for the customer to select coupons they desire and then check out at the end of their session. The coupons can be presented directly to the merchants without a paper copy.

Customers are directed to the site through banner ads on your main site. Email ad pages can be added to your newsletters or send out in separate campaigns.

The system also features an on site Kiosk tablet that will attract customer sign ons through a monthly sweepstakes prize.

The back end of the site which is only available through secure password and IP protection is where the coupons are created and managed. Coupons are created by entering the text offer and selecting a key word. Information on the site can can be downloaded by an authorized supervisor. Coupon usage information is available and downloadable by zip, city, state, merchant and customer.

An important function of the system is that it is divided into coupon creators and coupon approves. The system automatically emails notices of completed coupons to a designated approver who can then either set for release or return for corrections. This insures that there is management approval before the coupons are released.

The system runs on a dedicated SQL Server using C++ for the logic elements and HTML for the presentation. The system can be scaled to any size as it is running in a virtual environment and can be upgraded with a few hours notice. There are dedicated UPS and backup generators with multiple data pipes at the hosting facility.