Weekly Coupon Drawing Add On

An added feature of the system is an automatic email sent to the customer after sucessful coupon download.

The "AtxtCoupon" Sunday night drawing that will provide you with a service that generates an automatic drawing of all of the registranats for the week into a grand prize drawing without having to worry about the software or infrastructure.

"AtxtCoupon" system will automatically generate a drawing specifically for your company and provide a platform that makes drawings simple. You will have complete control over your own weekly drawing and view activity in real time. The "AtxtCoupon" program will increase web site traffic and increase your customer base.

How to Get Started

  • Request more Information with form at bottom of page.
  • Text greek to 1-866-500-2607
    to get familiar with the operation of the coupon and see the add on email.
  • See how easy it is to sigh up as a customer on the site.

There is no charge for development and implementation of the site – links to and from your existing web site.