AtxtCoupon is a proprietary sweepstakes coupon system for any sized business. Your customers simply text your keyword to our servers using their mobile phone and receive a confirmation text back asking for their name and email. After submitting this information they are rewarded with a coupon and/or, are entered in a sweepstakes that you created. You now have a cell number, name, and email to continue to market to. Email campaigns are used to continue to offer specials to the client. The merchant decides what coupon or sweepstake prize to offer. AtxtCoupon will draw and notify the merchant and client regarding winners automatically. Simple, low cost, efficient and best of all, ​you control the mailing list.

Your customers are able to customize their sweepstakes entries, coupons, and email preferences all within our AtxtCoupon online shopping mall. They can control which coupons they want to receive and sign up for other coupons that may interest them.

Merchant accounts also have their own login for administration. Check your statistics on marketing campaigns or create a new sweepstakes within your admin console. You get to see where your advertising dollars are being spent.

We offer subscription plans for any sized business or budget. Every account includes your merchant login where you may view important statistics and demographic information about your customers. Use this important information to strategize your next advertising campaign or make a decision on how to spend your ad dollars on a customized sweepstakes project.

Help is always available by visiting our online support area. We want you to be successful in your advertising campaigns. You may also use our contact form for questions or comments.