Create your own Sweepstakes system the quick and easy way. The "AtxtCoupons Sweepstakes" system can transform any business into a world class text Sweepstakes site.

Build a sweepstakes system your customers want to come back to again and again.


  • "AtxtCoupon" system was developed by sales and tech professionals with over 50 years of successful experience in advertising/marketing, web tech development/support and new business revenue generation.
  • "AtxtCoupon" is a system designed to bring in new customers to your business. All with no up front charges.
  • "AtxtCoupon" system is easy to set up and easy for the customers to use. Customers simply text a key word to a toll free number.
  • "AtxtCoupon" system is also unique in that it allows participating merchants to add a Kiosk feature to their locations where customers can register for a monthly prize in addition to joining the sweepstakes offers.
  • "AtxtCoupon" system becomes an advertising and tech consultant with each participating merchant partner, supplying useful information about sales opportunities and expert tech support when needed.
  • When agreed to - "AtxtCoupon" will also assist in the sales and offer development process for our individual participating merchants - doing the things necessary to insure the success of our partners.
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"AtxtCoupon" system is a proven program to increase customer retention and merchant revenues.